“I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.” 
 Lauren Oliver, Delirium 


So we have this World literature subject in class. And I am very happy to read those stories ’cause im a bit reader of some books especially romantic tales. And we have this take home quiz and the question hits my life. LOL!



I stared it for almost 30 minutes and reminisced the moments we have shared. but on my paper, I pointed my love for my family but not for someone whom have i so much loved. What did I sacrifice for our relationship? To be surprised and proud, I chose him over my friends. But i didn’t let him to go deeper unto my skin. But i have nothing against to other girls out there because i have many friends who’s been already touched by their bf’s but its just that my parents still believe in marriage.

Then I realized what he has done to save our relationship. Fortitude? Money? Time? Compare to the things I sacrificed for him. I didn’t even texts my friends because he told me to do it. He erased all of my contact numbers in my phone. I gave to him all of my accounts and even my sim card. AND TO MAKE IT STRAIGHT……


He was such a douche bag. My class in world literature reminds and me of him.


But now, at least i learned from my mistakes. And i am just focused on my studies and my future.  I need more time to be mature enough and to face another relationship. And as i promised, i won’t let any man to fool me just like how he fooled me. And from the lessons that I’ve learned, ill be more wiser and stronger independent women. 😉
























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