Kemerror 101: Self esteem not found ❎🚫

So while i was checking my newsfeed on facebook, I saw my pretty friends turned into a beautiful creatures. They really evolved as a real human. (Well we are all human but they are different human. Like in a class A ladies) and i have this feeling like, yes i am happy for them but in the back of my mind i can’t find myself. Like i am searching for my confidence. My self esteem. They are really beautiful. Two of my friends joined in a beauty pageant and my bestfriend who studied in PWU is always an usherette in her school. ‘Cause she’s really pretty.
You know, sometimes im just wondering that how does it feel to be beautiful? What is the feeling of having many suitors? How about recieving many gifts from boys? Is it great? Satisfying? Cool? Grabe no.

But great thing is, i have tears and God. I cry and I pray. The moment i envy their beautiful faces, i say sorry to God cause I think everytime i can’t find my selfesteem, it also means that i am not contented on the face or body he has given to me. Its just that i am wondering what is the feeling of being pretty.

Hay. Hustisya. Joke. Lord, sorry.
Self esteem. Pumarito ka’t sumapi ka saakin.



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