Since when I was young, my mom always told us that no matter how the world cruel is, no matter how hard life will be always, always look on the brighter side of the life because challenges and sufferings are what makes us feel alive. She also told me that everything we do should be done in love and never push ourselves into something that we don’t like or what we don’t want to do cause it will just lead to failure and wrong pathways in life. These moral that our mom told us became my philosophy in my life. So as what is stated above my philosophy in life is, be in love with what  you are aiming for, fight for the burning passion that you have in your life and always have good thoughts even if the world is turning you down.

Well to base on my philosophy in life, having good thoughts in my mind, being in love to whatever I do, I always think the heaven is real and it exists right now but we, people, makes our life look hard, miserable and cruel because we are not contented with what we have.  When it comes to my existence, I think God gave me life to continue my parents’ personal dreams that already died because they had to shoulder the early responsibility to take care and feed their family. I think another nature of my existence is that God lets me borrow his life to let me know that he saves the world from the sins and use our life it in the right and meaningful way, to do good things and treat the people well though I commit mistakes.

Since I love reading books and watching movies there are so many questions that I have in my mind especially when it comes to life. But these set of questions is base on what I’ve observed in life and especially when traveling. First is if the church really wants to help poor people why  just they can’t donate half or all of their income since they are alone in life and/or they don’t have children to or family to feed? Second is if God made humans, who made corrupt and worthless politicians? Third is how can people in slum areas make more babies than people who are rich and stable in life? where and how they are doing those things despite an inadequate space? The fourth is If God makes Jesus, who make God? Well, the fourth question came up from he perfectly managed to create the world in just 7 seven days and I was just so amazed because I can’t even manage myself for just one day. (well, Who am I to judge God? We all know that He is Almighty.) fifth is, is money can’t really buy happiness? Another question is, why ghosts exist?  Do we really have to be hurt and suffer even if we are the ones who makes our life miserable? Why is very hard for the rich people to share their money with the poor people? Is poverty really the government or the citizen’s fault? Why are we not created equally? According to the movie that I’ve watched last month ago, Where do really broken hearts go? What is the end of the rainbow?  What if I failed to be a daughter to my parents? What will happen to my future? Are there any people who really follows the ten commandments? These are the some of the questions in my mind that I can’t answer.

Lastly, the principle that I adhere to is the philosophy of Nicholas chamfort that I saw in my notebooks when I was in my elementary days. And he said there that “A day without laughter is a day wasted” which became my mantra ever since that I’ve read it. Because of this, I became an optimistic person even if I know that my world is tearing apart or I can’t see any chances of something. Having a positive outlook in life makes you more productive and I always thinking up of good things in my life and at the end of the day no matter what negativity or bad things happened to me, nothing will happen if I keep on thinking the bad thoughts in my life. I strongly believe that happiness is a choice. And I always choose to be happy.


2 thoughts on “M A N T R A

  1. Yes I think we make a mess of things in our minds. There is really on overarching guiding principle and that is love. Love, as demonstrated by Jesus when the seemingly unworthy woman applied expensive perfume to the hem of his robe as she knelt at his feet . . .that love. He lifted her up. Laughing is certainly a relief to survive this existence which is far from heaven but certainly what we make if it. The more time we spend outside of ourselves with our love radars attended to the hidden hurts and needs of others around, truly listening to their cries, the better of we will all be. Great, thought provoking post!

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