We all have inner Maxine Medina.

So after watching ms. universe and supporting  Ms. Philippines,  It made me realize that we all have inner Maxine medina.

Maxine did her best to represent the country and make the Filipino people proud. But just because she can’t express herself in speaking English fluently, many Filipino degrade and keep on bashing her. It’s just so sad to see that it is our own kababayan who puts her down. Of course, all of us are expecting so much from her but come on, Pia is Pia and Maxine is Maxine. They are both good and beautiful. It is just that Pia is different from Maxine. Knowing that Pia tried and attempt to join the competition for 3 times and that is what make her good and winning the crown. Maxine just tried and showed what she got even if there is already an interpreter. In my opinion, I think let’s just stop the hate to Maxine. The competition is already done. Many people already bring her down after her interview that was shared by netizens on Facebook and even bash her on twitter/Instagram.

Netizens be like: “Jusko maxine” “Ako na lang kaya sumali?” “Ano daw?”

It is really disappointing that we have this kind of colonial mentality that if you don’t speak fluently in English language, people will say, “Ang boba mo naman” or “Ano ba naman yan” but for some foreigners who are trying had to speak Tagalog, Filipinos are very bubbly and very supportive to these foreigners. Well, there’s no problem with that, somehow it makes us known to be hospitable and warm. but what’s wrong with us is when it comes to our fellow Filipino who are trying their very best to speak the Engish languge, it turns out that they humiliate and make fun of the things or words that you can’t express clearly. How ironic.

To Maxine, you did your best. Just like Queen P said, behind that beautiful gown, your knees might be trembling. Behind that beautiful smile of yours, your feet might be shaking and behind that beautiful sash that says “Philippines”, your heart just wants to come out on you ribs because of too much tension and nervousness.

It’s okay Maxine. In the end of the competition, you made us all proud because you are brave enough to compete with other 86 beautiful women in the world and to be on the top 6? You really did great.

After all, we all have inner Maxine medina, we take courage to the things that many people would not believe in. Many people will degrade and continues to let us down. but just like what Maxine did on the pageant, We should stand still and show to the world that we have the courage and the guts. She is the epitome of a courageous woman.

You still made us proud, Maxine!


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