Hi, everyone! first of all, thank you for reading (if u already read some of my posts) and please follow me! 😉 Hi!! I’m Kimmey. I’m kinda a bit of frustrated writer but I wasn’t able to get a degree in mass communication or journalism in my dream school at PUP. (well I think may purpose si God Kung Bakit) to think na medyo shy type ako. lol!

So currently, I am taking up bachelor of arts major in Aviation tourism in a state college and a good thing is heavenly social media created blog and this is it! this site is heaven cause I can express myself to anyone and kahit papano is nakakaangat siya ng self-esteem kasi may mga taong nakakabasa ng mga post ko and somehow that is uplifting feeling for me. but I hide it to my friends and family kasi I don’t know, nahihiya ako.

I like talking to random people and strangers. shempre new people means new learning. I believe na we have different views and beliefs in life and besides I also love reading books. Reading and writing is my kind of habit and it is a satisfying feeling for me and wordpress have it.

Follow my blog let me show to y’all my soul. (gumaganoin) 🙂 🙂 Happy blogging!


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