“P R I O R I T I E S”


Yesterday, I was thinking about if I  will go with my mom or not. 
it’s our prelim week but if feels like we are already in finals term.
Thesis. Assignments. Projects. Exam. Quizzes. and to be honest, it’s been a long time since I went to church. almost 1 month. but I have this reason that I pray at night naman

I’m always busy and it comes up to the point that 3 hrs of sleeping would be fine. studies are one of my number one priority right at this very moment. I’m a dreamer. a dreamer always wants to achieve his/her dreams., of course, a dreamer should always be a hard worker and passionate in his/her duties. 

somehow as we are very passionate to finish and achieve what we want, we forgot to ask guidance. we forgot that even if we try harder and harder there will be a man who will always be the one who will decide if it is our time or not…. and that is God. 
the bottom line is we forgot to PRAY.

And so we went to Padre Pio church in Batangas. As I stepped up my feet in the sacred place, I felt his presence and at the same time, I felt so ashamed. it felt like I only remembered him when I needed something. 

it’s funny when my mom bought 7 colorful candles. when we lit up those candles, I heard Father’s exhortations about priorities in life. 
I was distracted because I was also praying at that moment.
It gives me chills about what he was saying because it was very timely that I chose between finishing my thesis or going to church and I remembered the thought catalog article at that time. “God comes first, College second” this line motivated me that I should go with my mom. If God wasn’t with me, I will not able to survive life and enter to college. 

It was my first time to went in Padre Pio. I was very happy at that time and until now. My necklace was blessed, I drank water at the holy fountain, And everything was so good. So right. I am very thankful and feel loved in my life right now. 

So we see, our work is useless if we do not have faith in God. God is what we all need. As they say, don’t count sheep. talk to the shepherd. 
If we have God in life, everything will fall into its place. we just need to trust and wait for that the moment. 

PS. That blue candle that I lit?

See how God works right? 🙂

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.