A letter for my soon to be captain.

As your ship sails, my heart also sails from the memories that we did together for a limited time. 

Even the deepest ocean cannot reach the feelings that I have felt for you in a while
Even the biggest ship cannot control on how I adore you and your beautiful mind 
And even we are a thousand miles apart still, you will always have a special place in my heart. 

You colored my dead sea into a clear, sparkling sky blue
You painted my gray sand into a calm lovely white
And you fill the missing pallets in my deepest sea. 

The way we talk and knew each other’s life was effortless.
But for now, we need to let our hearts navigate to find answers in what we really feel.
Thousand talks. Limited time.
Somehow, God let me meet my soulmate.
in some philosophical beliefs, soulmates do not end up together
thus, soulmates just meet for a reason
And this is the perfect reason that I have ever encountered.
I felt special and felt to be loved again.
I don’t have any idea what will happen to us
I believe our heart will find a way.
Because what’s meant to be will always find a way.
I’m always here to be your home.

But for now, I know you have to go.
‘Til we meet again, Captain. 


“P R I O R I T I E S”


Yesterday, I was thinking about if I  will go with my mom or not. 
it’s our prelim week but if feels like we are already in finals term.
Thesis. Assignments. Projects. Exam. Quizzes. and to be honest, it’s been a long time since I went to church. almost 1 month. but I have this reason that I pray at night naman

I’m always busy and it comes up to the point that 3 hrs of sleeping would be fine. studies are one of my number one priority right at this very moment. I’m a dreamer. a dreamer always wants to achieve his/her dreams., of course, a dreamer should always be a hard worker and passionate in his/her duties. 

somehow as we are very passionate to finish and achieve what we want, we forgot to ask guidance. we forgot that even if we try harder and harder there will be a man who will always be the one who will decide if it is our time or not…. and that is God. 
the bottom line is we forgot to PRAY.

And so we went to Padre Pio church in Batangas. As I stepped up my feet in the sacred place, I felt his presence and at the same time, I felt so ashamed. it felt like I only remembered him when I needed something. 

it’s funny when my mom bought 7 colorful candles. when we lit up those candles, I heard Father’s exhortations about priorities in life. 
I was distracted because I was also praying at that moment.
It gives me chills about what he was saying because it was very timely that I chose between finishing my thesis or going to church and I remembered the thought catalog article at that time. “God comes first, College second” this line motivated me that I should go with my mom. If God wasn’t with me, I will not able to survive life and enter to college. 

It was my first time to went in Padre Pio. I was very happy at that time and until now. My necklace was blessed, I drank water at the holy fountain, And everything was so good. So right. I am very thankful and feel loved in my life right now. 

So we see, our work is useless if we do not have faith in God. God is what we all need. As they say, don’t count sheep. talk to the shepherd. 
If we have God in life, everything will fall into its place. we just need to trust and wait for that the moment. 

PS. That blue candle that I lit?

See how God works right? 🙂

Proverbs 16:3 Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.



“I want to travel the world,” said the girl who cannot even step outside of their floor mat. –anonymous

Did you ever wonder what the world really looks like? Well for me, always. I always imagine what the feeling of being a traveller is. For once, I want to go somewhere, where I can see myself as being free. Fortunately, I was given a chance to experience it and I think that it is one of my most unforgettable moments in my life. My first ever adventure located at “the queen city of south” Cebu city, Philippines. I was so excited that day cause finally, I‘d be at 24,000 feet above again. I want to explore and know more about life. Like what life would be without my parents but just a circle of friends? I used to be with my parents whenever we had a field trip when I was a kid. As the airplane was lifting, my heart also uplifts because the sky was so beautiful. It was so blue. So clear.  As I look up in the sky, I feel overwhelmed and suddenly ask myself that “Where is God?” I want to thank him that time, most of the time. I want to hug him.  Then I found out that we cannot see God, but we can feel him. We cannot see him behind clouds and airplanes. Thus, we can see him through our hearts. Right at that very moment, I realized one thing. I am blessed because I have good parents that allow me to join in the tour. I have been blessed. I was blessed and forever be blessed.

At exactly 3:30 in the morning, my eyes automatically opened and let my adrenaline rush. Kate, Dane and Mae ann are my buddies on that tour and I thank God that I met those people. We are supposed to be six. But Anna and Lyca  went with batch 5. They are brave, bold and hilarious. The tour is the reason of our camaraderie. They are also my roommates while on tour. God knows how I loved them. We made Vlogs (Video blogs) and took pictures.




We are so happy and excited when we saw each other’s face at that time. While writing this, half of my heart felt sad. How I wish we could all do this again. We are so excited to board on aircraft and see those flight attendants errands. As we already ride on the plane and the engine starts to run, my heart starts beat so fast. I admire those beautiful flight attendants of Cebu Pacific airlines. On that time, I promised to myself that one day I would be the one who will assists and give instructions on board to the passengers. I dreamed on that tour so much.

Our travel time was about one and a half hour until we reached Cebu. I remember that the flight attendant told us in the instruction that it is not allowed for the passengers to take pictures along the runway area. But since some of  us are first timers, no one can stop us!

Before we went to our first destination, we went first to our hotel the crown regency hotels. To be honest, the ambiance of the hotel was cosy and warm but for me, we cannot deny that it was also creepy. It is just my impression to the hotel. It was my first time to check in on a hotel so I have those “kilig” feeling.

After we fix and change clothes, we went to our first destination the Magellan’s cross. It is the famous site in Cebu in which I thought it is huge but it was beautiful even if it just small. I was just little disappointed because I expected that it was big like a church but it was just a small structure with a painted Jesus, Marys’ and angels in the ceiling. Nevertheless, it was so beautiful. Before we leave at the magellan’s cross I wish and prayed at that time. I was so fascinated and mesmerized by the touch of blue in the ceiling.

After at the Magellan’s cross, we went to souvenir hunting, fort Santiago to see some paintings and historical site and bought some pasalubongs for our family. The day 1 ends by eating our dinner at royal concourse buffet.
That night, I prayed and thanked God for letting and bringing us safe from Manila to Cebu. I texted my parents on what happened  that day. Even if it is just one day, I am so exhausted and felt like we have been there for days. We Are supposed to dip in the pool but since we are tired, we decided to just watch and take a rest because, on that night, we expected that the best is yet to come. Hello, Oslob!!




Via Google map. Cebu city down to Oslob

         Day 2 was the best day ever on our tour! Road trips, the seaside, fresh air, and nature at its finest! It takes 3-4 hours to reach the Aaron beach resort. The time of the travel was long but it was not time-consuming because Cebu fed our eyes on the natural resources that they have. We did whale shark watching in Oslob and for me, it is one of the most memorable things that happened in my life. At first, we don’t want to pay for 300 pesos cause we think it’s just a whale shark. But I can’t explain the feeling when we saw the whale shark. It’s worth it! We ate lunch at the seaside and I just cannot explain the feeling of happiness that I feel that time. After to Aaron’s beach resort, we went to tumalog falls and from there I realized that God is really great and artistic because when we went to the tumalog falls, we rode on a habal-habal. When we went up, the view was paradise. All I can see is sky blue. The sea and the sky. It is more like when God explode blessings in nature, Cebu grasped all of the beautiful blessings of nature. While I’m on the travel, I heard my mom’s voice in the back of my mind and I can hear what she told me that I should study hard so I can travel in any places that I want. And I can bring them to any paradise here in the Philippines. In addition, I learned the lessons in tourism and most, especially in life. I know it’s kind of short travel but I believe that sometimes we travel not because we want to find new things or know about the place. We travel because we want to find and know more about ourselves. Based on what I observed in the place, the people in Cebu are living simple but I can see the happiness through their eyes and it shines like a beam of sunlight. I think their government are in good hands because they really developed the tourism in Cebu.




    Aaron’s beach resort Oslob Cebu city, Philippines

As what they say, money fills pocket but adventure fills your soul. It is not just adventure that fills my soul, but Cebu is the place where I dreamed big and the things that I want to achieve in my life. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I truly believe that life is indeed beautiful. By that time, I strongly agree to Elena Levon that we should choose to collect memories instead of things. I will never forget our travel in Cebu. I left half of my heart in the place. I will never forget the people whom I with, the places that we went and the one in a lifetime experience that we went through. Cebu will always be in my heart. I am very grateful to have our professors and my friends while on the tour. I believe that there is a possibility that it can happen again. I have this feeling that the next destination will be in Ilocos, Philippines.  All glory to God! TRAVEL? It’s more fun in the Philippines! 🙂